Phone System Installation & Cable Installation

Phone System Installation & Cable Installation

Are you upgrading your home or business cable lines? Is it time to install new phone lines to get rid of problematic ones? Don't go it alone. We can help you with your cable installation and phone system installation. Our licensed and fully trained team of electricians provide the services you need in a safe and secure manner. It's never advisable for homeowners or property owners to make these types of upgrades themselves because mistakes can lead to dangerous fire risks and faulty lines. The good news is we expertly and professionally provide our cable installation & phone system installation services in Charlotte and the surrounding region.

Phone System Installation by Our Electrician

There are many reasons today's home or business owner needs to upgrade their phone lines. You may never have thought of having to do so previously, but updating communication systems today is very important as we move towards a digital, high speed society. A home or business phone system installation can involve both indoor and outdoor work. It may involve some extraction of lines from under your floors or in your walls. Our electrician can help ensure that your phone system installation is done properly and without risk to your home.

Cable Installation by Our Electrician

Whether you've had cable before or not, proper cable installation is essential. Without it, your connectivity at your business or home may suffer. Cable installation done by our professionals ensures the very best long-term outcome. Our team can install cable lines in difficult situations and to meet all requirements from your provider.

Let Us Handle All of Your Cable and Phone System Installation Needs

Our licensed electricians provide a full range of cable and phone system installation services in your area. We can install:

  • Cat-6 lines
  • Cable lines
  • Phone lines
  • Cat - 5e lines
  • Most other lines

Our certified technicians are trained to manage moving those lines through walls to minimize and eliminate the need for damage to your drywall. We know you want the job done properly and quickly. That's exactly what we'll do for you. We can provide you with help for that new cable line for your new TV that's mounted to the wall or help you to install a complex new phone system in your business. We'll do our cable and phone system installations quickly and without fail.

Need Whole House Installation Services?

Old phone lines and cable lines are a risk. They pose a fire risks and they are less likely to remain functional in the long term. We offer full house network installation for both existing and construction homes. And, we also offer business-related services. Hard wired networks of phone and cable lines work much faster than those that are wireless. They can speed up your connectivity and reduce drag. Even better. they can help to ensure there is no outside interference limiting your functionality. This is particularly beneficial for companies that need a large in-house network they can rely on.

Contact Us for an Estimate and Service

Whether you need repairs or a new cable or phone system installation, put our team to work for you. You'll get exceptional service, competitive rates, and outstanding workmanship with us. Call us at (704) 820-4803 or contact us for your cable and phone system installation today.