Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial HVAC Charlotte NC

A properly functioning air conditioning system is something that every office building, residential or commercial space needs. If your building's AC system seems to be on the fritz, you need prompt, reliable commercial air conditioning service from a trusted team. In Charlotte, NC, the company to call is On Time Electrical as we can not only handle your electrician needs, but have fully qualified and experienced commercial HVAC technicians in Charlotte, NC on staff as well.

Serving Your Business' AC Repair Needs

Whether your commercial air conditioning system needs a minor repair or a major overhaul, we'll be there to tackle the job. And if we determine that replacing your commercial HVAC in Charlotte, NC makes the most sense, we'll recommend a new unit for your space. Of course, many AC problems can be avoided with proper maintenance and preventative care. That's why On Time Electrical also offers commercial air conditioning service programs designed to keep your equipment running throughout the year. Whether you're in a bind or are looking to get a jump start on preventative maintenance, On Time Electrical is the company to call for all of your commercial AC needs. Call us today to learn more about the air conditioning services we offer.

The Temptation to DIY

If you're like many homeowners, you've probably wrangled with the temptation to save money and flex your handyman muscles by installing and repairing technology on your own. It should go without saying, however, that some things aren't a great idea to attempt without professional assistance. Commercial HVAC systems, in particular, require a great deal of expertise. A DIY attempt could end in a poor installation that leaves you with an uncomfortable home, higher energy bills, short-lived components, fire risks, potential system failures and more.

Leave the DIY-ing for loose doorknobs, backyard patio projects and home decor. Take a look at some of the reasons why both air conditioning installation and repair are efforts best left to the experts.

Air Conditioning Installation

Although many people choose a window unit that they feel they can install themselves, some types of air conditioning units are far more difficult to install and may require professional expertise. A unit that will be part of a central air system, for example, is a much more complex type of air conditioning. For such advanced systems, it is important to consider the value of having a professional perform the installation of your commercial HVAC in Charlotte, NC.

The overall operating efficiency of an air conditioning unit is affected significantly by the quality of its installation. In fact, according to data from Energy Star, an improper installation can decrease its efficiency by up to 30%. Energy Star data also suggests that approximately half of HVAC installations are not performed correctly. Fortunately, this can be avoided by hiring a professional installer to do the dirty work, allowing your system to operate at optimum efficiency.

Not only will a professional air conditioning installation maximize efficiency, a proper installation can protect you from incorrect, unsafe wiring, which could lead to an electrical fire. Having a professional on hand will also save you from getting part-way through the installation and regretting having made the attempt in the first place.

Air Conditioning Repair

Much like installation, it isn't a good idea to attempt to make repairs to your air conditioning system on your own. Not only could you put yourself in harm's way with some of the more complex systems, but you could do irreparable damage to hardware and electrical elements with an unskilled attempt. Even if you feel that you're savvy enough to handle it, there's a chance you may find yourself stumped in the middle of repairs, or you may not be able to get your hands on the right parts to complete the repair properly.

By comparison, hiring a professional to take care of your necessary repairs will ensure that it is done correctly and in alignment with all local codes. In addition to keeping yourself safe from electrocution, fire and other dangers, hiring a commercial HVAC contractor to do the work properly can reduce the chance that you'll have to have expensive additional repairs done in the near future. Call us at (704) 820-4803 or contact us if you're in need of a commercial air conditioning service or commercial HVAC in Charlotte, NC today.