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Home Generators Protect You From Power Outages

The #1 reason we lose power in the Charlotte, NC region is due to strong storms. We know historically these power outages can be widespread and last for hours, days, or sometimes for weeks at a time. Home electric generators provide electricity to your home when there is a power outage.

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  1. Public electricity is lost.
  2. Generator automatically detects a problem.
  3. Generator automatically turns on.
  4. Electricity is restored within seconds.

The reasons for choosing to have a home generator can vary, such as:

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Choices to fit your need and your budget

Generators come in a variety of “sizes” (level of electrical output) and costs.This means you have options based on how much of your household you want to provide electricity for. A lower output generator can be installed to keep the household essentials secure, such as the refrigerator and some of the lights. Higher output generators can be installed to power your entire home without skipping a beat when the power goes out.

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Installing a Home Generator

The experts at On Time Electrical can help you decide on the best generator option for your home by assessing your home and what essentials you want to keep powered on during an outage. Installation of your home generator is a complex process that involves integrating the generator directly with the electrical system of your home. It is best to have your expert technicians at On Time Electrical do this for you. You can then rest assured that you will have the power you need and that it will be safe.

Some additional factors to be decided on when choosing a generator include:

Home electric generators require a fuel source such as gasoline, diesel fuel, propane or LP natural gas to run the engine that operates the generator. This decision is usually based on what fuel source you may already have available. Many homes have natural gas or propane already on site. Some rural homes or small farms may have a supply of diesel fuel already on hand for equipment.

A home generator requires an outdoor spot similar to what is used for your AC or heat pump unit, preferably close to where the electrical service enters the home.

A Good Maintenance Plan Provides Longevity

With proper maintenance a home standby generator can last 20 to 30 years, and even longer. Read more about generator maintenance here. Modern generator systems have self-testing processes and weekly run times programed to ensure the generator is ready to run when the power goes out. There is periodic maintenance that should be done twice per year to ensure the system stays up to the task, and never leave you stranded again without power. When selecting your home generator, be sure to understand what the maintenance requirements will be. We recommend including a professional maintenance agreement when you purchase the unit.

Generator Package Pricing:

Generator Package Pricing

Generator Pricing 25% Generator Pricing 50% Generator Pricing 100%


  • Complete System Installation
  • 1 Year Full Guarantee
  • All Required Permits
  • Property Protection Guarantee
  • No Lemon Guarantee
  • 1 Year Full House Electrical Maintenance