Socket & Switch Installation in Charlotte

Socket Installation & Switch Installation

There are many reasons to call us for socket installation and switch installation. This is the type of job that is best handled by a licensed electrician. Mistakes made in installation or repair can often lead to problems later--including an elevated risk of fires. Professionally installed electrical components like this can also reduce the risk of short circuits and electrical surges which can damage your appliances and electronics. We can help you avoid these risks. And, when we do the work for you, you'll reduce the risk you'll need for more complex and expensive repairs later.

Socket Installation Services

From your kitchen to your living room, the right number of sockets can define just how functional any space is. When you don't have enough sockets to fit all of your electronics, we can help you. Socket installation and switch installations can be messy if it is not done properly. Our licensed and insured electrician will minimize any damage to your drywall with our professional socket installation and switch installation. We can customize the location for any type of appliance or electronic device you are installing. This may include that big screen TV you plan to install mounted to a wall or the larger-than-normal socket you need for your new washer or dryer. And, we install all types of sockets--including GFCI outlets for water-prone areas.

Switch Installation Services

We also offer full switch installation services in Charlotte for your home and business. If you need to repair or replace an existing indoor or outdoor switch, we can help you to do that. Simply call our electrician and discuss your switch installation needs with us. We'll help you to position a new switch so it is convenient or out of the way. You may also wish for a switch installation which includes dimming features. Some even offer motion detection. Let our electricians help you to pick the right type of switch for your needs and customize it for your space.

Get the Socket Installation and Switch Installation You Need Today

Call our experienced electrician today to get the socket installation and switch installation services you need. We're here to get the job done properly the first time. With our experience and knowhow, you can rest assured that any electrical work we do for you will be done properly and will conform to all local code and ordinance requirements. Call us at (704) 820-4803 or contact us today to get your project underway. Expect outstanding service, superior workmanship and competitive rates for any installation or repair services you may need.