Judy and Randy Mullins


"We were very pleased with the services provided by Hass. We appreciated his professionalism, courtesy and expertise. We have no complaints with his service only compliments for his excellent work."

Liz Umholtz


"My name is Liz Umholtz and I am a current customer of your company. We have recently put in a new air conditioning system, new duct work, cleaned the remaining ducts, water purifier, water heater and various other plumbing and electrical work through your organization. I just wanted to send you a quick note to inform you of how impressed we have been with Hass Hamma, who is an electrician with On Time Electrical. Our trust in him is the reason that we have continued to use your company rather then going to a competitor. Right from the first time of meeting him, Mr. Hamma has been professional and gone above the call of duty. He has done a wonderful job of communicating everything to us and following through on everything that has been discussed. I rarely send notes of this nature, but when someone is doing an exceptional job I feel that it is worthy of a note."

Deanne G


"I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much my clients and I appreciate Mr. Hass. You have an excellent electrician on your staff. I had hired an electrician prior to Hass, who left one of my clients' homes in an electrical nightmare. Switches and outlets didn't work, there was no surge protection in the home and basically the previous electrician did nothing we paid him to do. Hass evaluated my client's home and saw several dangerous issues. He explained what he saw and how he would remedy the situation.  When I hire an independent contractor on any house I am currently working on, I pledge my name as well as the person for whom I have hired. So in that respect, I am very careful who I allow to work in my client's home. I have no problem recommending Hass to any of my clients now or in the future. He is prompt, very well mannered and works very hard to make sure my clients are satisfied. Hass is, and will continue to be my GO-TO electrician whenever a client or myself is in need of anything electrical!!"