TV Installation in Charlotte

TV Wall Mount Installation Charlotte NC

Televisions have evolved over the years from large heavy boxes to sleek flat screens with high-definition displays. Today you can purchase TVs with smart technology, Ultra HD 4K screens, Plasma and so much more. These televisions come with a wide variety of hardware, operating systems, and technology. You may spend countless hours researching TVs to find one that is the right fit. And after finding the right one, you might even be too worn out or baffled as to how you should mount it. Our team here at One Hour, however, can alleviate your struggles and have your tv wall mount installation in Charlotte finished in no time.

What is Included with our TV Installation in Charlotte

If you have questions on where to place your TV, a professional installer can help you determine the best location in your room. If there is no electrical outlet near the desired location, he can either move or install a new outlet. He will unpack the TV and all of its components. For a wall-mounted TV, he will hang the brackets and conceal the cords. He will also run any wires that connect your television to a cable service provider through the wall for you, which is much more appealing than wires showing on the exterior of your walls. To complete the installation, he will program and setup the remote control and can connect any additional components such as a sound system or home theater.

Why Have a Professional Do It When I Can Do It Myself?

A television is an investment in your home. Having it installed professionally can increase the value of your home. If you attempt to install it yourself, you can run into numerous complications. First of all, do you have all the tools needed to complete your tv installation? If you are going to wall-mount the TV, you will need tools such as a power drill, stud finder, screwdriver, and drywall saw. Purchasing the tools needed for a tv wall mount installation can add up and the process can be time-consuming.Hiring a professional for your tv installation in Charlotte can save you time and money on tools you may only use once. By using a professional installer, you also have peace of mind that the TV is mounted properly. Improperly mounted TVS, such as ones not secured to studs in the wall, can cause safety risks and potentially expensive repairs down the road.

A professional can also assess the electrical load and make adjustments to prevent future electrical fires. If you run into a situation where the TV location is not near an electrical outlet, it is imperative to have a professional electrician either move or install a new electrical outlet. It is a good idea that you use a professional TV installer who is also a certified electrician. A new television can be very expensive. Hiring a professional installer for your tv wall mount installation in Charlotte will help you get the most out of your investment. Call us at (704) 820-4803 or contact us to have your tv installation finished today.